Fiona Hardwicke


Fiona found her way to becoming a healer much like most people. She was in need of healing, not in the traditional sense of physical pain but more so in the way that life was happening around her. Her need to always stay busy, to always be in control and to not let life just happen around her. Through many attempts at ‘starting over’ and creating a life she could truly enjoy, she learned that all the courses in the world couldn’t help her, until she helped herself. Her journey to surrendering was through meditation, learning Reiki and being OK with the ups and downs that come with life. Bringing MANA to life has been a dream and Fiona’s love of bringing people together has resulted in a team of people who are all here to help others get to the best versions of themselves. When she isn’t behind her computer she is playing games with her family, reading or planning her next vacation!


Jonathan Hardwicke


Jonathan’s journey to becoming a healer and educator in self-care and self-awareness began at the age of 8 with the introduction of martial arts, which cultivated a rich combination of self-confidence, mental focus, and dedication to a practice of personal-growth and self-discovery. He took his passion for movement and energy and became a certified trainer/coach, a corrective exercise specialist, massage therapist and reiki master. By combining all that he has learned he has created a truly unique approach to body work and healing. He is the co-founder of MANA, the king of dad jokes and when he’s not working you can find him hanging out with his family or hiking with his dog.

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Jenn Lafreniere

Jenn began practicing Massage Therapy in 2010 after attending the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy. Since then she has enjoyed bringing healing and relaxation in both spa and chiropractic settings. She has been certified in Mother Massage, massage therapy techniques for pre & postnatal women. Jenn started her Reiki journey in 2017 and it has added so much to her practice. She is a big fan of working with crystals and essential oils, and uses them regularly in her practice and everyday life. Jenn also enjoys hand lettering and making jewelry for her Etsy shop, Daydreamer Designed. She is head over heels for her hubby and a devoted mom of two sweet and sassy girls.


Katie Coulombe

Katie’s journey as a holistic health coach began in my her-20s.  Years of her type-A personality, “go-go-go” attitude with multiple simultaneous jobs and hours in the gym every day finally caught up with me.  She had always been interested in fitness, but ultimately realized that being truly healthy requires focus on all aspects of your mind and body: nutrition, mental health, sleep, routine self-care, and exercise.  A desire to learn more about how to balance all of these aspects of life led me to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where she became a Certified Health Coach in 2018.  Through that program she recognized her true passion in life: to pass that knowledge on to those around her who are struggling with balancing their own bodies and minds with the non-stop demands of daily life.  When she’s not coaching, she enjoys spending time with her husband and planning for their first baby.  She also love playing adult social sports, snowmobiling, yoga, crocheting, and chasing their fur babies around the house.  

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Roy Halim

Roy was introduced to both yoga & weight training in 2010 he found himself with a new love of fitness. With this new found love, he was able to find a way to heal himself and others, not only physically but also emotionally. That’s when he decided to pursue a career in fitness training, he is certified by Expert Rating in 2017 and has completed his 200 Registered Yoga Teaching hours in 2018. He plans to continue his education in fitness training and Yoga to better serve the needs of his clients. When he’s not working you can find him watering his plants and spending time with his first love, a.k.a. creating music in the studio.

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